Innovating the banking experience

A corporate video created for the Unicredit’s 15th anniversary. The brief was to present a quick panorama on the digital services available in various European countries. Innovating the banking experience was the main theme, with the intent to show existing services and potential scenarios for the future. We used a bit of footage from archives, but we shot the most part of the video. In post-production we made many screen replacements, we added in compositing a flying drone to hint the delivery of a new credit card, we recreated a smart bracelet, simulated a smart glasses experience, biometrics and other interactions.

Direction, Editing & Post-production: Marco Gianstefani
Production, Shooting & Post-production: Giovanni Antico
Shooting and Acting: Chiara Matera
Graphics: Mariaelena Gianmoena
Walk-on parts: Unicredit employees, Marco Beck Peccoz, Michele Maggioni
Music: New Year’s Song, by Tim McMorris

  • Date: 2014
  • Categories: Video
  • Client: Unicredit