Arform: quelli che guardano

This short reportage presents the project “Quelli che guardano”, by Luca Tilche of Arform. He commissioned to few photographers to capture people watching the windows of his store. After one year he organized an exhibition and printed a book with the pictures selected. The photographers involved in the project were:¬†Alfredo Bernasconi, Andrea Tilche, Claudio Bonoldi, Franco Pasti, Lorenzo Bringheli.

Regia e montaggio: Giovanni Antico
Riprese: Giovanni Antico, Beatrice Arenella, Claudio Bonoldi
Direzione fotografia intervista: Claudio Bonoldi
Music: Piano Mood Pack 1 by Klaus Neumaier, Put the Needle Down by Admiralbob77 & live music

  • Date: 09/22/2010
  • Categories: Video
  • Client: Arform