Waterfalling in love with Iceland, a time-lapse short film by Giovanni Antico, projected at Timelapse Showfest 2013 in Madrid

My first 4K short film, Waterfalling in love with Iceland, was premiered on a 300mq screen in Madrid on the 1st of December during Timelapse Showfest 2013. The jury of the festival awarded it among many other excellent submissions and nominated it as Timelapse Showfest 2013 Bronze Winner. It is a non narrative movie where the enchanting colors of Icelandic nature are the story teller, taking the viewer from icebergs dancing on the water to martian terrains immersed in hot-springs fumes, from epic cloudscapes painted by midnight sun to majestic waterfalls decorated with rainbows. For watching it on-line (in 2K), for the backstage and more info, visit the film page.

All the footage and several extra materials are available for licensing on Nimia.

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